CEUs on the GO! is proud to announce a partnership with ThinkASL.  This page is dedicated to the CEU processing  for the ThinkASL product, “ASL Fingerspelling and Initialization”.  To purchase the product, please visit the ThinkASL webpage.Please follow the steps below to receive CEUs for the “ASL Fingerspelling and Initialization” program.

  1. Purchase the ThinkASL product, “ASL Fingerspelling and Initialization”.
  2. Immediately fill out the PINRA form below.  You MUST fill this out BEFORE you begin the program.
  3. Submit CEU processing payment by using the payment fields below.
  4. Start and complete the “ASL Fingerspelling and Initialization” program and send the necessary paperwork to ThinkASL.  (Please follow their instructions for sending necessary documentation and time frame.)
  5. ThinkASL will grade your work and, if satisfactory, will send you and CEUs on the Go! your Certificate of Completion.
  6. Once we receive your Certificate of Completion, we will process the CEUs with RID for you.